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Steelhead and Soul

The Confluence Guide Service is a professional Fly-Fishing guide service specializing in swinging flies for Wild, Winter run steelhead on the iconic rivers of Washington State's Olympic Peninsula. We aim to pass on our passion for steelhead and impress upon our clients the importance of stewardship for these extraordinary fish and the wild places that support them. The Wild Winter Steelhead season on the Olympic Peninsula extends from January through April. 

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Mark Shamburg-Donohue

Owner / Head Guide

Mark Shamburg-Donohue is not normal. Sure, in the fly fishing world's sea of bearded, flannel-clad men, Mark blends in like a camouflaged trout in a turbid stream. But beneath his unassuming exterior is something extraordinary – a brilliant mind fueled by a stubborn obsession with perfection and steelhead. The confluence of these unchecked obsessions is Confluence Guide Service.

Trained as a Mechanical Engineer, Mark's analytical approach helps him guide clients into fish of a lifetime. Mark also focuses on teaching steelhead tactics, and sharing the spirit of steelheading – that bit of soul which seperates swingers from other fisherman. As a result, his clients leave the water with more than incredible memories and beautiful photographs – they leave as more capable anglers and better stewards of the sport of steelheading.

Mark’s soulful, hands-on approach to his guiding also translates to his other pursuits. Mark meticulously hand crafts bamboo rods and traditional reels that look like they belong behind museum glass, but serve as exceptional, dependable fishing tools. There are only a handful of dedicated, fastidious folks with the skills, patience, and passion to handcraft bamboo fly rods and machine classic reels. But amongst this pool of zealous craftsman, Mark stands out by commanding every facet of production. He builds every component of his products. He machines the tools he uses. Mark even goes so far as to machine his machines. Like we said, Mark Shamburg-Donohue is not normal.

Come experience the wonders of Steelhead Country with its most dedicated steelhead craftsman.

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